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Assistance in building material (partial self help – PSH)
This component includes the delivery of building material to refugees and internally displaced persons who have started the building of their houses or live in unconditional houses. The assistance is intended for those families which due to socioeconomic vulnerability and lack of funds are unable to finish earlier initiated building of the houses or to improve the conditions in the houses in which they already live. The donated building material helps beneficiaries to complete the building and finally move in, or to build the additional premises/make repairs to houses they already live and thus attain dignified living conditions for their families.

Village houses
This component involves the purchase and donations of the village houses to beneficiaries who are rural-oriented but have not been able solve the housing problem by themselves. Beneficiaries get a village house in permanent ownership. The beneficiary may participate in the purchase up to 50% of the donation value. Potential beneficiaries participate themselves in the implementation of housing solution through active search for the village houses in the entire Serbia, according to the needs and interests of their families. This assistance is designed as a durable solution for refugees and internally displaced persons who have the potential sustainability and who are interested to engage in some form of agricultural or other activity suitable for rural environment. Along with the housing solution, each family is assigned a grant (building material, furniture, home appliances or cattle and equipment for agricultural activities) to ensure more dignified living conditions and/or income generation.

Social Housing in Supportive Environment
Social housing in supportive environment is a service of social protection in the jurisdiction of the local government. The aim of this concept is to encourage the social integration of persons who are in social need and who, in addition of housing solution, require a variety of services which can be provided by Centre for Social Welfare and other relevant organizations and institutions. Beneficiaries are socially vulnerable refugees, internally displaced persons and families living in collective centers and inadequate private accommodation as well as socially vulnerable families from the local community. A beneficiary is also a capable and functional host family which has an extremely important role in the functioning of the entire system of social housing in supportive environment.

The program includes the construction of residential buildings for collective social housing in supportive environment which, in addition to individual residential units, have a common room for the needs of all residents. Local governments provide sites and infrastructure requirements as well as funds for the maintenance of the project while donors provide funds for the construction of residential buildings. The beneficiaries of this service do not have the right to purchase the assigned residential units.

In addition to dignified living cnditions, self-reliance and integration processes of future tenants are stimulated by a variety of services and programs provided by the Host Family, Centre for Social Welfare and local community.

Prefabricated Houses
This component involves the donation of prefabricated houses to refugees and internally displaced persons who either have their own ground or use the one provided by the local government.
The beneficiaries of this program are socially vulnerable categories of the aforementioned beneficiaries who are unable to solve the housing problem otherwise.
This program provides funding for the construction of prefabricated houses by the ‘turnkey’ principle.


Commission for selection of beneficiaries for purchase and donation of village houses selected 8 internally displaced families from collective centers at the sessions for selection of beneficiaries held on July 7 and 21, 2015. Signing of Agreements, Sales Contracts and transfers of ownerships of donated properties are ongoing.
Call for Application for prefabricated houses for internally displaced persons from CC “PIM Krnjaca” in Belgrade is announced on July 13, 2015. The deadline for submission of applications is July 27, 2015.
Call for Application for prefabricated houses for refugees and internally displaced persons from informal CC “Aleksa Santic” in Sombor and CC “Trmbas” in Kragujevac was announced on July 22, 2015. The deadline for submission of applications is August 6, 2015.